Thursday, December 1, 2011

December.......month full of celebrations

here it comes...the special month of the year....thinking...... whats so special about it...."MY BIRTHDAY" Since last three years it has become more special as I got engaged on my birthday :) To add more to this sister's anniversary and my husband's birthday too falls in the same month :)
ever since I was a kid I have waited for my birthday all throughout the year....Oh how nice it was!!!!! new dress....chocolate-distribution in class.....birthday gifts..... cake........evening party at home with my maa's delicacies.......

Even now I wait for my birthday with the same excitement....reasons are still the dress..... :)

my next blog would hopefully contain the celebration details :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cross roads in Life

At times, taking a simple decision looks so difficult. To weigh the pros and cons and make the right choice has always puzzled me. Be it selecting a dish from the menu card, dress at the store or serious decisions related to career or relationships. Even now I am confused as always, this time its on a serious point: stick to my existing company or move on. Can someone show me the path out of this maze :( :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

When did I change so much????

This is my first attempt to pour my thoughts and try blogging. People say "change is inevitable". Thats actually true. We change with every passing day. I have changed so much in the past few years.....from the bubbly girl in school to a mature wife :)....from a careless girl to a responsible lady :)......from a full of life child to a boring adult..... :(
how did I change and when did I change, is the change for good? I dont have answers to these questions now....and I believe I will never have.
When I was in school, I had big dreams and I used to follow them sincerely. I had to try my hands in everything....from bhartnatyam, to singing.. dancing....drama.... and what not....
Today I have no hobbies, I have become too mechanical in life....and now when I look back I don't even recollect when I lost interest in sports, have I really lost? Have I really lost interest in all kinds of co-cirrcular activities.....?
I want to once again revive those lost golden days of my childhood, when my parents found it hard to stop me from going out to play, when my parents attended the Sports Day at school and I felt so proud to run for the medals when my name was called out.....when I used to stop on the way to my music class near the "Bargad" tree to just swing on the branches :) when I used to go to the stadium to learn FOOTBALL :) ....when I used to arrange cultural programs in my colony and write scripts for the Drama.....
Those days are memorable and close to my heart. How I wish I had the time-machine to get back into my childhood days :)